College of Engineering Guindy consistently ranks among the top ten colleges of India. Established in the year 1794, CEG has inexorable tradition of grooming the brightest minds of the nation into smart engineers and executives who can think on their feet. Department of Information Science and Technology is one of the youngest and fast growing departments of Anna University. It also remains as the dream destination for many aspiring students of the state . Information Science and Technology Association(ISTA) is one of the most vibrant and active associations of Anna University.

ISTA organizes its flagship event, ITrix, the inter college symposium to perfect which attracts thousands of participants from across the globe. ITrix has every ingredient of a successful symposium with fas- cinating, novel events and thought provoking workshops. Unlike other symposiums which have events designed completely to the te- chies, ITrix strives to distinguish itself by exclusively providing non-technical events in addition to potential technical events.

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